Robert Bollinger

CEO, Bollinger Motors

After a childhood of drawing cars and thinking of his own car company, Robert Bollinger attended Carnegie Mellon and earned a degree in Industrial Design.

After decades of working in advertising in New York City, Robert helped successfully grow and sell an organic cosmetic company, which gave him the funds to start his childhood dream.

In 2015, Robert Bollinger founded Bollinger Motors in upstate NY and designed the first all-electric SUV, the Bollinger B1.

Over the short history of the company, Bollinger Motors has created a cult following of EV enthusiasts with their off-road engineering prowess.

Utilizing their patents and battery technology, the team is now focused on creating all-electric commercial vehicles in Classes 4 through 6.

Bollinger Motors is driven to create innovative vehicles to help reduce CO2 and move the industry to a green future.