David Ahearn


David Ahearn is a national emcee, keynote speaker and best-selling author of five books including “Happy Accidents: The Transformative Power of ‘Yes, and’ at Work and in Life”. He is also a co-founder and was the host of the improvisational comedy show Four Day Weekend and is the host of Yes, And Yoga on Amazon Prime Video. His current project is the Creator and Producer of Pure Life which will be filmed in Costa Rica.David started his career in stand-up comedy and then transitioned to hosting Four Day Weekend Improvisational Comedy for 23 years. As a co-founder of Four Day Weekend, David was named Small Business Owner of the Year by the Fort Worth Chamber of Commerce, delivered a “Yes, And” keynote to the United States Congress with President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden in attendance, was given a lifetime achievement award for entrepreneurship for NAACE while co-authoring the best-selling book Happy Accidents.